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Enterprise spirit: self-improvement, innovation and pursuit of excellence

Optimal starr as a professional in the flash memory data storage product research and development, manufacture and application development of the professional manufacturers, products for flash memory data storage has been regarded as their holy mission, down-to-earth, innovative, dedicated to do big, your enterprise and competitiveness, keep up with the pace of economic globalization, actively participate in international competition.

Self-improvement and innovation, the pursuit of excellence, is to adhere to the insatiable faith in the enterprise management, keep pace with The Times, beyond the self, strive for a world-class enterprise, to provide customers with high-quality products and satisfactory service, to improve the value of the staff and enterprise value with excellent quality, so as to win the trust of the community. Set up two corporate image.

Corporate values: innovation, capacity enhancement and service creation

Innovation is the soul of an enterprise. During the development of more than ten years, the manager of youstar has been adhering to the spirit of innovation and enterprise in various fields such as flash memory data storage products and 3C accessories. The company's management level has been constantly improved, and its core competitiveness has been enhanced. With the furniture of economic globalization and market competition, the innovation ability has become more and more important. As long as the business philosophy, enterprise management and technology research and development innovation, the core competitiveness of enterprises can be constantly enhanced, so that enterprises always seize the market opportunities, in the competition in an invincible position.

Enterprise vision: through the sincere cooperation and unremitting efforts of our whole team, we will provide customers with satisfactory service, create more value for the society, provide sufficient development space for employees, and develop the company into a leader in flash memory data storage products.

Business philosophy: quality first, customer first

With the business philosophy of "leading innovation, quality-oriented, customer-oriented, credibility first", the company has won a steady stream of customers and laid a solid foundation for the further development of the company.

Talent concept: people-oriented common development

The company regards talents as the first element of the enterprise, respects and CARES for every employee, gives full play to the autonomy and creativity of employees, and provides broad space for the realization of personal value and long-term development of employees in the production, operation and management of the enterprise. The company emphasizes that every employee is a member of the company's high-ambition level, high operational efficiency and high cohesion team. The employees are partners of sincere cooperation. They should respect, trust and understand each other, and take the revitalization and development of the enterprise as their common pursuit. Through the efforts of employees to promote the development of the enterprise, the pursuit of employee value through the development of the enterprise to achieve the realization of harmony between employees and employees, employees and enterprises, common development.

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