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The quality assurance period

Where we produce products 1 year warranty, after - sale without worry.

Warranty scope

1. As long as the products produced by our company are unconditionally guaranteed.

2. Products that break down due to non-human damage during the warranty period.

3. If the warranty period exceeds one year, our company can repair it free of charge, but the customer needs to bear the cost of replacing related accessories.

4. During the warranty period, the customer and our company shall bear the freight during the product transportation.

5. If the products not produced by our company need to be repaired by our company, the expenses incurred shall be borne by the customer

6. Our company shall complete the repair and return the repaired products within 3 working days after receiving them.

Non-warranty coverage

1. Replace the shell

2. Products not produced by our company.

3. Products without quality problems and faults

4. Products with important components to be replaced after the warranty period.

Other precautions:

1. Please contact customer service before repairing

2. Non-hardware fault but software fault can be solved online as far as possible, so as to facilitate customers

3. Please tell us the tracking number of the repair goods after they are delivered, so that we can check and track them in time.

2. Make a backup of the files stored in the repair products. Our company is not responsible for repairing the files and recovering the data.

3. If the product cannot be repaired, our company will only replace equivalent products within the warranty period.

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