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html p段落行间距CSS设置 ThinkCSS Yimanwei in flash memory data storage products research and development, manufacture and application development of the professional manufacturers, focus on the memory of the packaging and testing, for clients at home and abroad to provide storage chip testing and packaging, etc. A full range of solutions, and focus on the design, the production of fashion, innovation of all kinds of USB flash drives, mobile phone accessories, such as patent design products.
Main: U disk processing, U disk mold, U disk design and U disk wholesale, solid state drives, SD/ micro display.
1. Manufacturers direct selling exclusive patent product counterfeiting must be rectified!
2. Factory stock supply, welcome to negotiate! Quantity is better than price.
3. Undertake brand OEM and support one piece of OEM.
4. The product can provide laser thunder carving LOGO, can be customized color box according to customer requirements.



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